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Miami to start paying their employees in Bitcoin?

On the latest news, we have Miami considering paying their employees in Bitcoin than cash.  Mayor…

Amidst GameStop controversy, Robinhood app seeing record downloads

Things seem to be going really well for the securities-trading company Robinhood, as its app has…

Indian Govt Clears air about the ban on cryptocurrencies

Ban on cryptocurrency was looming in India after a PDF published in the lower house‚Äôs website…

Elon Musk goes on Clubhouse and says “Bitcoin is a good thing”

From acknowledging the exponential rise of Bitcoin to the grilling of one of the founders of…

India’s proposed ban on cryptocurrencies: What you need to know

As per some reports, there is a rumour that India might be passing a bill to…

Visa to offer cryptocurrency support on its network

While attending the Visa first quarter earning calls this Thursday, chairman and CEO Al Kelly shared…

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