Paid Network listed on Dotmarketcap.

Paid Network, the legal agreements manager based on DeFi, has been listed on Dotmarketcap.

The company announced this yesterday on Twitter.

Dotmarketcap is a website where all the projects based on the Polkadot platform are present. All the essential data like prices, charts and capitalization is available for the projects based on that ecosystem.

PAID network token is trading shy of $3 as per writing. Total supply of the tokens is 594.7 million while the ones in circulation are 20.4 million (about 3 and a half percent).

PAID Network is an ecosystem DAPP that leverages blockchain technology to deliver SMART Agreements to increase efficiency of businesses. It is a platform through which multiple entities can sign tailored Smart Agreements, where funds can be held in escrow or parties can take out insurance in the event of dispute.

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