PolkaFoundry launching IDO on Ignition

PolkaFoundry is a multipurpose production hub allowing developers to make DApps based on the Polkadot blockchain. The portal will be launched through PAID network’s Ignition IDO on March 10 2021, at 2PM GMT.

PolkaFoundry leverages interoperability and scalability of the popular blockchain, Polkadot and Substrate. Using its unique UX-enabling features, EVM-compatibility, PolkaFoundry can help bring DApps to a much broader population. Having a number of Built-for-DeFi services making it easier for DeFi applications to manage identities, store files and access Oracle data.

PolkaFoundry eases DApp development. Developers can explore new horizons as Projects can create open lending platforms, decentralized insurance, a cross-chain DEX, asset auctions & marketplaces, prediction markets, and many more. The hub has been optimized to tackle various problems, especially those related to DApp UX. This enables DeFi teams to create a variety of products that can attract larger and more modern audiences.

For following PolkaFoundry, details are given below:

Ignition is a IDO launchpad developed on the PAID network to allow the community access to exclusive IDOs from the ecosystem’s top projects. Just like PolkaFoundry, Splyt and Shadows are one of the top projects available exclusively to the PAID network’s community.

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