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DAOventures – Things you should know

The decentralized finance (DeFi) environment is still young and requires a lot of improvements. That is basically due to its poor user experience and some random technical issues. 

DAOventures aims to provide the best and user-friendly tool to invest and manage one’s DeFi portfolio. It is an automated DeFi money manager.

What is DAOventures?

DAOventures is a DeFi technology protocol focused on simplifying DeFi investing. They focus on investor’s needs: security, simplicity, compliance, and risk management. Robo-advisor allocates pooled crypto fund based on Ethereum smart contracts that automatically invests into DeFi protocols and generates a return for liquidity providers (LPs).

They leverage the approach and best practices of professional managers from the financial market. It is designed as a DeFi-centric platform with security and interoperability. They aim to offer users easy access to many DeFi products. For example, funds management, yield-farming aggregation, structured products, unbiased robo-advisory, decentralized insurance, and more.


DAOventures is supported by its governance token, the DVG. DVG allows users to shape the future direction of the protocol by voting. A minimum of 1000 DVG tokens is required to qualify for voting. One DVG token equals one vote on the platform.

LPs can earn the DVG by staking in the smart contract of the protocol. DVG holders will benefit from staking incentives such as rewards and lower transaction fees. So it is a compelling reason to participate in the DeFi sector through DAOventures.

DAOventures will release a total of 444,444 DVG tokens for public sale. They will offer a discounted sale of DVG token to POLS token holders and the public before it is listed on Uniswap.

They have a deflationary model with block rewards reduction every 2 weeks for 4 years. DVG is low inflation as there are only 100k tokens every day. They have a fair launch as there is no pre-mine for the team and advisors.

Why DAOventures?

DAOventures is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that helps LPs to invest in DeFi products as a pooled asset manager.


•           Automated Money Manager – It provides the best risk to reward performance, optimal yields & risk-adjusted returns for the crypto assets.

•           Security and Compliance – All smart contracts are audited through third-party world-class auditors and compliance ensuring peace of mind.

•           Interoperability and Scalability – Cross-chain interoperability and liquidity to ensure other protocols have access to the DeFi ecosystem.

•           Low gas cost transactions – Reduced network fee for interactions via pooled liquidity to deliver up to 90% savings on the gas fees.

•           DeFi Products in a Dashboard – Explore and evaluate several DeFi assets by browsing curated products, examining historical returns, and more.

•           Non-custody and Self-approval – DAOventures do not hold the user’s capital as DeFi allows self-custody for everyone.

•           Performance and Optimization – Investments are transparent on the blockchain and 24/7 capital monitoring is available by reviewing and optimizing the portfolio.

Upcoming & In-service Products

Initially, DAOventures will be powered by Polkadot and Ethereum. They have plans to integrate with other blockchain networks in the future.

Basic Strategy

  • Automated DeFi Manager v1

It is a simple & basic algorithm strategy that deploys user’s cryptocurrency to the best yield aggregator through tether (USDT).

  • Automated DeFi Manager v2 (upcoming)

It would be a slightly better strategy that deploys more stablecoins (DAI, USDC, TUSD). They intend to cover all the major stablecoins in the market.

  • Automated DeFi Manager v3 (upcoming)

It would be a slightly better strategy that deploys user’s cryptocurrency automatically to other best-performing vaults in the DeFi space.

Arbitrage & Liquidation (upcoming)

Arbitrage is to profit from 2 different prices between 2 or more different market pairs in various DeFi protocols. i.e. USDT/ETH vs DAI/ETH.

Liquidation is to profit from market leveraged positions on decentralized derivatives exchanges.

Advanced Strategies (upcoming)

This smart contract will deploy 2% capital in this wallet into 1 or more DeFi protocols to profit from the market inefficiency.

Investors & Partners

DAOventures has performed a $1.3m Private Sale. That sale attracted some of the top funds in the blockchain space.Various crypto firms have invested and partnered with DAOventures.

A brief list is as follows:


With DeFi’s growth, it looks like its ecosystem is the future of finance. The rise in DeFi’s popularity also brought along several opportunities, risks, and benefits.

DAOventures continuously play their part to speed up DeFi’s transition. They are constantly providing investors with proper solutions. And they aim to leverage cross-chain interoperability to provide its users with the best services.

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