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Upland: Players have earned $1 Million on our Metaverse

Popular NFT metaverse Upland reached a new milestone today. The company has said that one million property NFTs are minted on their platform, and players have earned $1,000,000 through participation in the Upland Metaverse Economy.

What can users do in this metaverse?

In Upland, players can buy, sell and trade digital properties. The prominent NFT metaverse was breaking records for the past few months. And now, players have brought, sold, or traded over $1 million worth of NFTs on the platform.

Upland features in-game locations in various US cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Oakland, Cleveland, and many more. Moreover, each property in the Upland metaverse is an NFT on the EOS blockchain. This is so that users can experience true ownership of their digital properties.

Since Upland metaverse comprises real-world locations, it stands out among other NFT metaverses. Thus, players can explore a familiar metaverse and buy property NFTs meaningful to them. Not only that, but with the recent updates, players can build on their property parcels with Spark tokens. Spark is Upland’s unique stakeable token that creates a unique structure NFT on their owned land.

Everything in the metaverse is scaled to real-world economics. Their in-game token, UPX, is the primary means for players to purchase, trade, or sell their assets amongst each other, allowing them to cut deals and enact their own wit to grow their net worth. UPX has a fixed rate of $1 to 1,000 UPX.

Users can also convert those metaverse earnings into real-life fiat currencies. The Property-to-USD beta facilitates trade between players with real US dollars.

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