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Vegaswap partners with Phoenix VC

Vegaswap, a multiple-chain DeFi marketplace built to cater to the DeFi economy’s dynamic demands, has announced its partnership with Phoenix VC, a venture capital firm with a strong background in providing in-depth knowledge and tailored investment solutions for platforms originating within the blockchain sector.

Vegaswap is a user-centred AMM leveraging multichain technology which provides users with an array of DeFi and cross-chain applications throughout its platform. Through customizable liquidity pools, dynamic pricing and an intuitive UI, it increases the work of LP providers and more profitable by creating provisions for unique smart pools. The AMM also provides analytics tools, thereby reducing impermanent loss with adaptive spread.

The company had created the AMM with one primary objective: cater to the DeFi economy’s dynamic demands. Since the advent and explosion of the DeFi industry, substantial innovation has happened in the sector. However, there is still some room left for these systems to be truly accessible to the major portion of the public. Vegaswap believes that the combination of DeFi on blockchain-based platforms would certainly provide a genuinely mainstream product having tremendous effects which could benefit the new financial services systems over existing legacy institutions.

With such a lofty ambition, Vegaswap needed a sold and dedicated team with unequivocal backing. The company finds Phoenix VC to be the ideal fit since they have a long working background in investments and partnerships with various successful cryptocurrency projects with a specific interest in DeFi applications. The firm also employs a strategy specializing in businesses at the blockchain protocol and infrastructure level focusing on longer-term objectivity.

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