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How to open a wallet on WazirX?

WazirX has emerged as India’s most popular exchange and trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Being seamless and powerful, it’s an online wallet that is most easily accessible to store your cryptocurrencies. Being cloud-based exchange platforms, they store the user’s private keys on the server so it can be accessed by any device with a stable internet connection.


Moving your cryptocurrency from one wallet to your WazirX wallet, you need to go through the procedure of Depositing cryptocurrency to your WazirX account. We will go through the steps for you for all three; Desktop, IOS, and Android-

  1. The first step here is to obtain the Deposit address from your WazirX wallet so you can add it to the withdrawal process in the wallet/exchange you are sending the coins from. 
  2. On your desktop, click on funds on the top of your screen. For IOS/Android, on the Home screen, tap on the Funds tab.
  3. Select the coins you want to deposit.
  4. Tap/click on the deposit button. 
  5. Your destination address will now be provided. 
  6. On the desktop, click on the copy button to copy the address and paste it into the withdrawal section of the wallet/exchange from where you are sending the coins. On IOS/Android click on the copy button to copy the address and paste it into the wallet/exchange from where you are sending the coins.

Always make sure to check your destination address!

A little reminder that I would like to provide is that Depositing or withdrawing Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) & EOS to your WazirX wallet has an extra step. Along with a Destination Address, Your Ripple (XRP) address has an extra piece called a Destination Tag whereas Stellar (XLM) & EOS have a Memo. This is a numeric ID that is unique to your Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) & EOS wallet address.

Having no deposit fees, your exchanges will be super-fast. Just make sure to keep a track of to steer clear of security threats. 

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