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How to transfer crypto from Binance to WazirX?

Although things regarding the legality of cryptocurrencies remain a ‘grey’ area in the Indian subcontinent, there’s no restriction regarding buying/selling or trading cryptocurrencies. Users have a couple of cryptocurrency exchanges like WazirX, Zebpay and Binance to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

While you can buy cryptocurrencies from one exchange and transfer them to another crypto exchange through their respective wallet addresses, it’s still a hassle transferring cryptocurrencies. However, Binance and WazirX, due to the latter being acquired by the former, allows a seamless transfer of cryptocurrencies from one to another and vice-versa.

Through Binance’s integration with WazirX, users can transfer cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another at no additional cost. In addition, users can enjoy the flexibility and ease of use access in WazirX while exploring the new trading options like Spot Trading, Futures and Options Trading, BNB vault, BNB DeFi Staking and Launchpool on Binance.

An additional advantage is that only WazirX offers to purchase cryptocurrencies with INR using traditional payment methods such as UPI, Instant Deposit, and IMPS/NEFT/RTGS.

But the question remains, how can one transfer assets from Binance account to WazirX?

You’ll have to connect your Binance and WazirX accounts.

Firstly, you need to create accounts on both exchanges. After that:

  1. Log in to your Binance wallet, select wallet following which you’ll see Overview. Click on that and choose “WazirX.”

2. Click “Connect WazirX” on the pop-up window that shows up.

3. Click “Login via Binance” on the following webpage that shows up.

4. Ensure your email address through which you’ve logged in to both the exchanges is the same. Following that, it’ll ask you to “Continue”. If the abovementioned information is correct, click “Continue.”

5. It’ll ask you to authenticate your account with 2-factor authentication. Authenticate with your existing security method.

6. If everything goes well, you’ll see the following pop-up on your screen, which means you’ve successfully integrated both of your accounts. Now you can transfer crypto-assets from one exchange to another.

Now you can transfer funds from Binance to WazirX and vice-versa.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you how to transfer your assets from Binance to WazirX. The process to transfer vice-versa is pretty similar too.

  1. Log in to your Binance account and select “Wallet.”

2. After selecting a wallet, click on “Overview.” You’ll be greeted with this window. Look for “WazirX” and the lower-left part of the window and select it.

3. After clicking on “WazirX”, you’ll be asked which cryptocurrency you want to transfer, the transaction amount, and which wallet you want to transfer. By default and for most users, this will be your Spot wallet. Choose your cryptocurrency, enter the desired amount and click “Confirm.”

Your assets will be immediately transffered to your WazirX wallet through which you can exchange them in your desired cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

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