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Career opportunities in Crypto space

Since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are one of the most rapidly emerging technologies globally, their respective industries are always out looking for people, which is added by the fact that many blockchain consultants believe that demand far outstrips supply in job postings at both crypto and non-crypto native companies. According to a LinkedIn annual report in January, Blockchain was expected to be the top-demanded hard skill in the job market in 2020. But which job postings companies look out for? And what career opportunities are present in a crypto or blockchain company?

Before looking into that, let’s clear the basics first.

Grow proficient in fundamentals.

If you’re going to look out for career opportunities in Crypto companies, it is expected that you are clear with the basics of what are cryptocurrencies and how they work. The basic know-how of blockchain, mining and essentially all the things that revolve around cryptocurrencies is also expected to be clear to you for obvious reasons. So, it’s better to increase your proficiency in the fundamentals of the following technologies. It may look redundant but will surely help you in the long term.

Participate in projects and portfolios.

It’s no secret that applying for a job on the basis of your degree would not be the wisest choice since companies lookout for people having practical experience in their respective fields. In the case of crypto and blockchain, companies will favour people more who’ve had taken portfolios and projects rather than people with just a college degree. So, it’s better to contribute to open-source projects if you’re aspiring to be a developer. This is a classic case of “letting your work speak for itself.” It’s always good to have knowledge but useless if you can’t apply it so sharpen up your coding skills, contribute on GitHub, upload your codes and let people evaluate your code.

Learn and develop specific use-cases.

Blockchain technology can do wonders in industries where logging is an essential exercise. However, moving to such a radically different technology requires a significant investment and time. Moreover, industries don’t exactly see any direct incentive in shifting to blockchain technology. In order for industries to make this change, there has to be specific use-cases and which’ll not effectively make the change but prove to be enticing for industries as well.

A lot of companies currently in the blockchain industry develop specific use-cases so other companies could jump into blockchain technology. It’s wise to learn the development of specific use-cases as companies especially in the blockchain sector find it a very lucrative skill. Also, as a learning skill, this will significantly increase your portfolio’s presence amongst others.

Potential Employers

Now let’s talk about the potential employers currently present in the crypto job market:

  • Industries – Big companies like banks, accountancy firms, oil and gas, insurance, retailer as well as law offices.
  • Startups – Independent businesses and products created since the invention of blockchain.
  • Tech firms – These firms need to arm up their infrastructure and expertise when blockchain technology takes over the world.
  • Governments – Although not all are in favour of cryptos, but a lot of governments have been hiring crypto experts for advice regarding these new technologies.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain

Positions or career opportunities in the Crypto or blockchain space currently are:

  • Blockchain developer – Blockchain developers help companies explore blockchain platforms that are in high demand. These individuals require absolute attention to detail and are programmers who code applications for blockchain. They typically have a lot of experience with C++, Python and JavaScript.
  • Blockchain Solution Architect – Their responsibility is to design, assign and connect blockchain solution components with team experts like developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT operations to complete the blockchain solutions.
  • Blockchain Project Manager – They are entrusted with connecting blockchain projects to experts that develop blockchain solutions. They need to be equipped with the skills of traditional project manager. They also have to master the technical bit to understand the technology thoroughly.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer – Quality assurance engineers tests and ensures area of the project are of required quality. They guarantee that all operations are of excellence in the blockchain development environment and conduct the testing and automation of frameworks for blockchain.
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant – These people find out the implications of the considerations blockchain companies make while investing. They also find out the implications of the company’s actions, it’s handling of finances and management of their identity.

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