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Duckdao: A Growing Revolution in the Token Investing Space

All investors look for smart chances to earn in the long term. The DeFi platforms have created abundant opportunities for crypto investors in this manner. Being decentralized, dApps provide consistent and smooth transactional methods for everyone interested in Blockchain. 

One such method is called Yield Farming. It’s where you can advance cryptos via DeFi platforms and earn interest or rewards in the process. DuckDAO is among the most popular platforms that lets you do the same.

DuckDAO is a decentralized digital asset incubator, which aims to help projects with the potential to reach their full stature. It opens up investment opportunities that create a buzz in the market and it offers many plans to crypto investors. 

How DuckDao operates

It believes in supporting long term partnerships with its users and projects. Wanting to establish lasting success supports the mutual growth of all projects. There are three levels:

  1. Incubation level: This tier is where they help different projects from the beginning till they get enlisted with an exchange. Once incubated, they receive many benefits ranging from advice to marketing inputs. 
  2. Strategic Contribution level: In this tier, they assist projects with strategies on increasing their influence on social media platforms. 
  3. General Contribution level: They have no direct involvement with the projects in this tier. They manage Over-the-Counter or OTC sales and community requests. 

The decentralized opportunity 

Partnering with DuckDAO has many benefits, the main one being the allocation of tokens to its users. You can only receive these tokens after joining the platform’s token-permissioned telegram communities via the token DuckDaoDime (DDIM). This gives users access to the community tiers but to access each membership tier, the users need to hold a fixed minimum number of DDIM tokens in their wallet. 

The prerequisites are: 

  1. The Duck Fightclub: 10 DDIM
  2. Beach Club: 200 DDIM
  3. Gentlemen’s Club (VIP): 2,500 DDIM
  4. Diamond Club (VVIP): 10,000 DDIM
  5. Duck Allstars Club: Top 10 DDIM holder

The users of DuckdAO (also known as Ducks) can purchase DDIM on UNISWAP for participating in community events. If their DDIM balance falls below the mandatory amount, they are automatically removed. Moreover, the users in the highest tiers, receive a large percent of the allocation from each project. Nevertheless, it ensures a fair distribution of the allocation by allowing everybody to claim stakes in new projects. 


Based on the deflationary economy, it secures the DUCK token from dropping its value. This term means that digital farmers will lose one side of their liquidity and never get it back. It’s very simple for one side to get burned in the whole system, and thus it prevents the token from inflation. 

Having an excellent track record of partnerships from YouTubers to prominent companies in all industries, Duckdao provides exceptional opportunities for success to both investors and venture capitalists alike. Having partnered with a number of projects such as Bondly and DeFiPie, it’d be interesting to see where Duckdao goes from here.

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