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Top 5 Best Performing IDOs in 2021

Amidst all the roller-coaster performance the crypto industry has had this year, many projects have seen significant promise and growth. Utilizing the endless potential of use-cases the underlying technology offers, these projects have identified various potential use-cases and tried to offer solutions in their unique ways.

However, like every other startup, there is a need for initial investments. In the world of crypto, we have an IDO or Initial Decentralized Offering. An IDO is a way for a project to launch itself on a decentralized exchange.

An IDO offers benefits over ICOs and IEOs in the following ways:

  • Instant Liquidity.
  • Instant Trading.
  • Lower Costs.
  • Effective Means for Fair and Secure Fundraising.

Surprisingly, some of these projects showed so much potential that their returns were 100 times more than the initial investments!! But which projects are these? Let’s discuss the top 5 best performing IDOs in 2021.


Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse developed on the Polygon blockchain. The game consists of a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper made up of 21 levels. All these levels act as a central hub for users to have access to crypto information & content. The so-called Bloktopias can educate themselves in the basics or more advanced crypto learnings, earn revenue by owning virtual real estate, playing games, build networks, and more.

The following project had pretty massive expectations from the community and it looks like it has delivered on them. How much exactly? Bloktopia has a return rate of.. 558x!!!! Yes, you read that right, 558 times.

#2: StarLaunch

StarLaunch is a launchpad and incubator for Solana blockchain projects. Moreover, the platform connects startups on the Solana blockchains to its community of backers that can provide them with the necessary assistance monetarily. This IDO launchpad offers the following features to differentiate itself from the competition:

  • Two-Token Model – $STARS token staking generates $N2H4 which users can contribute to vetted IDOs launching through the platform.
  • Propulsion Program – Incubated projects gain access to services like Token Engineering, Security Audits, Frontend, Socials, Awareness, and Branding.
  • Insurance Program – Users can participate without fret since they are protected in the event of project failure due to exploits.
  • Deflationary by Design – Their novel two-token model decouples market volatility from platform governance.

StarLaunch has also seen massive growth resulting in impressive returns for investors. StarLaunch has a return rate of 273x, showing confidence from the community in this particular project.

#3: PulsePad

PulsePad is an IDO platform for projects built on PulseChain. PulseChain is a new sister chain of the Ethereum blockchain, designed to provide an optimal environment for creating powerful new applications. The platform aims to simultaneously reduce the load on the very crowded Ethereum network.

Developed by the same team powering BSCPad, TronPad, ADAPad, KCCPad, ETHPad, VelasPad, NFTLaunch, and GameZone, PulsePad has the benefit of a strong core team. Moreover, the project aims to provide a more efficient and more sustainable alternative to Ethereum.

PulsePad also had a terrific year, witnessing tremendous growth and a return rate of 254x!

#4: GameFi

GameFI, as its team says, is the ‘all-encompassing hub’ for game finance. The platform provides services to blockchain gamers, interested investors, and traders. More than that, the platform also provides a launchpad exclusively for upcoming titles besides offering multiple opportunities such ass Yield Guild, Game Market, etcetera.

Backed by Icetea Labs and DAO Maker, both of them very well known in their respective fields, GameFI has a pretty strong group of backers. GameFI also has a strong team of KOLs, ambassadors, and influencers within the gaming community poised to make it the optimal choice in its field.

GameFI had a pretty sizeable potential given its previous sales have gone through. But, remarkably, the project has delivered on its promise and has a return rate of 240x! 

#5: GameZone

GameZone is a new platform designed to make blockchain games accessible and provide a launchpad for new and upcoming gaming projects. Moreover, the platform with its native token, GZONE, allows users to access initial NFT offerings (INOs) and initial game offerings (IGOs) for blockchain game NFTs and assets respectively. Also, it also provides incubation services for blockchain-enabled games to help them develop sustainable tokenomics. All of this allows the projects to grow their player base in the future.

Being the paragon blockchain gaming platform, GameZone offers many opportunities with a plethora of rewards. These include early access to groundbreaking new game releases, gaming tokens, and NFTs, play-to-earn opportunities.

GameZone has had a stellar performance with an impressive return rate of 189x!

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