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Why Blockchain-based gaming is Hot?

Blockchain games or Crypto games have been raising lots of eyebrows in the crypto space recently. Some gaming tokens have accrued by up to ten times in worth over the last year or so.

Before we measure whether or not blockchain technology has the capability to rework the gaming capital, we should first perceive the idea behind blockchain games. A blockchain is a collection of information blocks controlled by a worldwide network of computers.

No one can edit these blocks since they’re immutable. Furthermore, these blocks are currently guarded by a cryptographic component and can’t be hacked due to increased protection.

What are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games are created via blockchain technology or placed on a series of blocks that not just one single entity but the full bunch of systems playing the game carries a copy of it. We’ll need a Smart Contract, a digital agreement that controls actions on the chain, to do this.

Blockchain games are distributed via the open-source program called Ethereum. Ethereum is possibly only second when it involves fame within the blockchain. Bitcoin itself overshadows it. Ethereum is the backbone for current and anticipated blockchain licenses.

Why are they Trending?

This is potentially a fresh and exciting time in gaming. What does this mean as to how the gaming landscape can and will change? Things in gaming can avail greatly from the blockchain experience.

The consolidation of cryptocurrencies, adopted during in-platform payments, including the use of NFTs, is the two elements that characterise blockchain games. NFT tokens represent a very vital elevation since they allow users to own unique attributes. Which further can be traded with other gamers in the corresponding game or moved in between the platforms, depending upon its nature.

You can make money from trades in blockchain games and carry profits—just the way you can in actual markets.

Features of Block chain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is proposing a decentralised and reliable virtual market for the very first time. During which players have a genuine say as game platforms would no longer fully control the whole gaming adventure.

  • Real Ownership: Blockchain-based games enable players to actually own and fully manage their game assets. Assets are typically delineated by distinctive non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  • Metaverse and Interoperability: By linking the in-game quality asset blockchain tokens, players will trade between completely different game markets hosted on the blockchain.
  • Fair Experience: Blockchain will produce an open, distributed and transparent ecosystem. Players, not game ventures are responsible for game dynamics. And now players can vote for changes as well. This also deminish the posibility of scammers from ruining the experience.
  • Unlimited Creativity: If the game is playing on the central server, the developer can decide at any time to shut it. With the assistance of the blockchain, players will continue playing the games even after developers are no longer in it. And organically develop games with new narratives and assets.
  • Safe and Secure: Blockchain game may be a new type of game that has just come out. But it was designed to be played over the blockchain, that is an online database that can’t be tempered with by one person or even an company. This means it’s safe for you and your friends to play at any time without concerns about someone hacking in and messing with your data.

Top Block chain Gaming Platforms In 2021

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar platform that has been expanding rapidly across the last decade. The inception of blockchain technology in this sector will revolutionise how games are developed, marketed and distributed. 

Below are the best blockchain-based gaming platforms of the year, things that make them stand out and their hallmarks.

  • Dapper Labs
    This development studio is closely connected to the introduction of the whole blockchain game trend – back in 2017 they introduced CryptoKitties, the renowned first successful Play2Earn game with NFT and crypto-related user gameplay. While the game itself is no longer popular, Dapper Labs continues to form additional content, including Cheeze Wizards.
    Without Dapper Labs, the blockchain gaming economy we have currently might not exist – or at least it would look completely different. This will forever cement Dapper Labs as the cornerstone of crypto gaming industry history.
  • Ubisoft
    Ubisoft’s future blockchain ambitions were mentioned each in its earnings release. As noted in its press release, Ubisoft is funding blockchain gaming-division company Animoca Brands. Ubisoft believes that this technology will revolutionise gaming. The adoption of blockchain for gaming will increase the prevailing gaming audience. When you think about video games are already the biggest selling media products on the planet that prediction is particularly mindblowing.
  • Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity)
    Sky Mavis, the platform behind Axie Infinity, is probably the premier blockchain game platform within the field. Not solely is it one of the first successful games, however it has proven itself so far and has seen a large number of players for a long time.
    Axie Infinity has a vital spot in the top 5 NFT games. Like other NFT-based games, NFTs called Axies can be sold or traded for play on OpenSea – users can also cultivate new ones. And then sell them to others.
    Axie Infinity is perhaps synonymous with the concept of Play2Earn-in crypto games, making money playing games is a real possibility. For many, specially in third world countries, this is actually a surprising way to make money. As of in the west, users mainly just change something besides themselves to aid their investment.
  • Decentraland
    Decentraland is behind the online gaming platform, that was introduced in 2017 and has a giant number of one-of-a-kind projects to show. Users can buy, sell, trade and use virtual land in the form of crypto tokens, and then decorate and present the land as they see fit. Public have used it in online stores, art galleries, and virtual hangouts.
    Decentraland’s goal is to 1 day become a real metaverse – a collective shared virtual space where physical reality and virtual space are connected and overlapped.
  • Sorare
    Are you a soccer fan searching for ways to induce your own share of the block chain sector, look no apart from Sorare. This is a fantasy game that allows players to sell, trade and manage a virtual team. In which the game players represent digital cars built on the Ethereum chain.
    What is more, with Sorare is that players will earn through Ether. Or cash by making a team using cards and winning competitions. 

Takeaway – Future of Blockchain Gaming

Although blockchain technology has not yet made a meaningful impact in the global gaming market. It has been forming ripples in the broader gaming industry. Because of its size and global availability, blockchain gaming advancements are most likely to start in the mobile gaming field.

It will become a pillar tech in gaming as we know it once it is developed. Who will be the trailblazers who will lead us to the next stage? is the question now.

The extraordinary thing is the potential for blockchain is all there. The association of industry giants like Ubisoft is a great indication of things to come. While there may be obstacles if blockchain has bagged the attention of heavy hitters. There has to be remarkable potential there.

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