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MintGreen: combining cryptocurrency mining with eco-friendly solutions

We all know cryptocurrency mining is a computationally intensive task and requires a substantial amount of electricity. And since most electricity in the world comes from polluting products like fossil fuels, it indirectly affects the ecosystem by a substantial margin raising concerns about global warming. Although, people are looking for alternative methods to reduce their carbon footprint in their respective fields, and there must be some way to reduce their carbon footprint while mining cryptocurrencies. Well, there is one company looking at combining cryptocurrency mining in an ecologically sustainable model.

MintGreen offers ASICs and use heat recovery systems to reduce environmental footprint.

MintGreen is a blockchain technology company based in Vancouver, whose main focus is on heat recovery and sustainable cryptocurrency mining. By offering turn-key, integrated mining products as well as mining solutions powered by green energy source, they aim to comb mining and eco-friendly nature into one another.

For that to happen, MintGreen relies on clean grid power or a power purchase agreement derived from green power producers. They also have synergies with neighbouring businesses and utilities to recover heat from their sources. This will help minimize the environmental impact and increasing return through additional revenue sources.

The team has:

  • Colin Sullivan – Co-founder and President of MintGreen
  • Kurt Melnychuk – Co-founder and Operations Manager
  • Jennifer Zee – Co-founder and Marketing Head

The team also has advisors from the blockchain industry to help their business:

  • Samson Mow – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Brandon Tracy – VP Asset Management
  • Kieran McConnell – VP Projects and Engineering

The company specializes in various aspects like crypto mining, immersion systems, etcetera.

MintGreen specializes in six aspects:

  • Crypto mining MintGreen offers optimized mining systems to mine major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash. For balancing portfolio, they also mine speculative assets to ensure stable performance, high returns and low energy consumption.
  • Sustainable development – Their facility utilizes the most efficient crypto mining technologies and further reduce its footprint via innovative waste heat recovery systems.
  • Immersion systems – By using single-phase immersion cryptocurrency mining, they effectively capture thermal energy for district heating.
  • Power agreements – MintGreen targets capped capacity, low cost opportunities form ethically source green power producers to arc the gap between the long-term goals of power partners and the immediate needs of the fast-moving industry.
  • Programming – GPU mining offers a strategic mining strategy making it more efficient. MintGreen takes advantage of this and programs its mining systems to hash more than a dozen large market cap and speculative coins.
  • Heat Recovery – Mintgreen channelizes the heat produced from crypto mining to industrial-scale hot water utilities for heating of the entire city blocks.

MintGreen CADDY Mining system

Image Source: MintGreen

MintGreen CADDY is a purpose-built ready-to-start cryptocurrency mining system that uses a myriad of GPUs to offer serious computational power for mining. It comes preloaded with scripts for mining any Proof-of-work based coin.

CADDY can profitably mine: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Grin, Beam, etcetera using hash exchange platforms.

The mining system features:

  • Serious Hash Power – By offering a GPU miner, CADDY offers long-term performance and profitability.
  • Custom-Tuned Hardware –  Fan speed, core and memory clocks, voltage and wattage are adjusted with the specific algorithmic demands of the coin for unmatched performance.
  • Near-silent operation – The exhaust fan is a powerful, quiet inline centrifugal blower with adjustable analogue dial that filters out dust and allergens while heating your home or office. They also offer an optional muffler for sound dampening.
  • Secure, anywhere access – A  secure VPN software allows you to monitor and modify your miner’s operations from anywhere via mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Specifications of the system are:

  • GPU – 8x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
  • Power Requirement 900 – 1600 watts 
  • Voltage – 120V
  • RAM 8GB
  • Fan Exhaust 720 CFM inline fan
  • Memory – 120 GB SSD
  • OS Ubuntu 18.10 64-bit Linux
  • CPU Intel Core i3
  • Dimensions – 24” x 24” x 46” | 61cm x 61cm x 117cm
  • Input/output USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, DVI

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