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Project Watch: Blocksport

Blocksport – NFT Esports platform was founded in 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. They provide Top Esports teams and traditional Sports clubs with their own fan engagement mobile app. Now the team plans on launching the NFT platform to bring clubs, sponsors and fans together.

The platform will have features like NFTs and Fan Token issuance, additional perks like auction bidding as well as NFT mining are also there.

Blocksport aims to overcome the current limitations in the Esports domain while accelerating blockchain adoption. They plan to achieve this by building an NFT platform where there won’t be any central control.

Mission And Roadmap

Blocksport is an NFT collection platform for the Esports and sports industry. Where users will be able to mint, trade and auction sports collectibles and even fan tokens. At the core of the NFT platform’s value proposition is the creation of a simple, interoperable and compliant platform for trading virtually all the sports assets in token form,

Blocksport aims to build an ecosystem for Esports enthusiasts that integrates games, sports NFT collectors and fan community management. Alongside building a service venture for the virtual domain of the sports industry in the encrypted world.

2019 – Build track record

  • Saas services for a sports/Esport team.
  • Develop the sports network and access to the decision making of the clubs.
  • NFTs studies.

2020 – Pre launch

  • Esports market leader in Europe.
  • NFT platform in the desiging phase.
  • App platform made live.

2021 – Q2 Launch

  • The BSPT token becomes available for purchase.
  • NFT platform completely developed.
  • Seed round and private round will be closed.

2021 Q3- Q4 Adoption

  • NFT platform opens for soft public launch.
  • BSPT token will be listed on the exchange.

2022 Q2+ Acceleration

  • More NFTs
  • DeFi protocols being activated.
  • More Fan Token Offering.

2023 Q1+ Market Majority

  • Global Scale
  • Aggregate diverse partner types outside teams, including streamers and Esports brands.

Project Attributes – Blocksport

The Blocksport NFT Platform consists of three integrated products that provide a comprehensive experience for fans and clubs. The three main products are:

  1. NFTs
    NFT platform includes the areas of NFTs promotions, feed of sports celebrities who are the creators of NFTs. The personalized NFT pages are divided into Primary and Secondary parts. The primary market is for selling rights from authors. Whereas the secondary market is reselling via fans. All NFTs are created and uploaded to the IPFS storage and secured by the company blockchain.
  2. Fan Tokens
    When the sports clubs are creating an entity of the platform, they can also issue with branded Fan Tokens which are placed offered for their purchase. Each new sports entity on boarded to the platform decides on some initial token value for their Fan Tokens. There is a fixed price at which all the fans can publicly purchase specific Fan Tokens after the first release. And then resold on the secondary marketplace.
  3. Staking
    Blocksport is supporting a staking farm for ETH pair liquidity providers. Meaning that the tokens can now be bought on the swap. They have an option for tokens to be ‘farmed’ in order to gain some extra rewards. Users can deposit tokens to liquidity pools which are smart contracts that will hold the funds.

Tokenomics – Blocksport Token

Tokenism – Blocksport

BSPT is an essential part of the NFT platform, and the company is working on establishing many key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to the NFT platform and its value. The Blocksport Token (BSPT) is a fungible token released on the Ethereum blockchain and later added to the Binance Smart Chain.

BSPT is the utility token to mint and purchases Esports collectible digital cards representing unique content stored on their blockchain.

The BSPT token acts ad a currency and is an ERC-20 token, which will remain on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Distribution

There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 BSPT tokens that will be created. A portion of the tokens is distributed among several key stakeholders, strategic partners and value-added users in order to rapidly set up and scale the BSPT ecosystem. And the token distribution will be as followed:

Total BSPT Supply1,000,000,000100%
Seed Round30,000,0003%

Key Competitors

A major competitor in the crypto space is Sorare. Which is also an NFT platform but is primarily focused on Football whereas Blocksport has a much broader approach where they are inclusive of all the sports including football, motorsports, basketball on their platform.

More about Sorare: Sorare • Global Fantasy football

Similarly, Socios is yet another competitor if we talk about it in terms of the fan tokens. They have also featured Fan Tokens as the digital pass to the teams you love.

More about Socios: Socios.com | Be more than a fan

Team Behind the Project

The founding team is quite impressive with the combination of technology and strategy.

  • Vladimir Liulka, CEO and Co-Founder of Blocksport. An experienced serial IT entrepreneur with almost 10 years of experience at Software Development Enterprise. Also expert in blockchain and data analytics. Vladimir holds MSc in Computer Science and Cybernetics.
  • Semih Kacan, Chainman and Co-Founder. He launched TrustSquare in Zurich – One of the biggest blockchain innovations hub in Europe. Semih is a strategic thinker and have 10 years of experience in baking at Credit Suisse, BearingPoint and Swisscom. He holds MSc in Corporate Finance.
  • Alex Honcharuk, CTO has been working in the IT area since the 2007. His is vastly experienced in a full software development lifecycle from different IT solutions with different vomplexity. Alex has a strong hold in the delivery of comples Web applications, and blockchain based solution applications.
  • Bohdan Yurchuk, Tech Lead been working in the IT domain since 2017. Also has a Masters in Economics Cybernetic. Passionate about developing complex solutions and blockchain based solutions. He has a solid development expertise in high-load easy applicaations based on AWS.
  • Andrii Havryliuk, Product manager. Tech background with 10+ years of experience in the traditional space. NO major international corporate experience. He has worked for various mid sized tech firms in Ukraine, And has developed various IT services for Esports related projects.

Investors and Partners

Blocksport has some big names when it comes to investors and backers. Such as LD capital, Spark Digital capital, Signal Ventures, CVVC, Panda capital, Aves Lair, BIP32, YFX, BigCoin and many others. The project is heavily backed and packed and is good to go.

Blocksport had onboarded approx 40+ clubs and celebrities in Esports such as Team Singularity, Virus Pro, Penta Sports, CF Talavera from Spain, Dynamo Kyiv (Plays Champions League), African Cycling UCI team, Metalist FC and many more.


New heights await for the sports industry as the NFT sector pave the way towards innovation. In times like these companies like Blocksport are laying the foundation in Esports for an innovative and open source marketplace that will be beneficial for all. The best part to takeaway is that none of these advancements is exclusive to the major clubs or celebs. Decentralization benefits everyone regardless of the league or country or platform they are in.

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