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Tacen: redefining the cryptocurrency exchange landscape

All the major cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized in nature. This means that there is a central authority regulating those exchanges. They are faster than decentralized exchanges but are riddled with some serious downfalls. A history of hacks, exit-scams coupled with iffy perception, uncertain regulations and lack of legal protections are some of the disadvantages. All this resulted to about $2.1 billion worth of assets stolen since 2014. Tacen aims to solve these issues with its decentralized exchange platform.

What is Tacen?

Tacen combines the speed of centralized exchanges and security of decentralized exchanges to offer a purpose-build decentralized crypto exchange with institutional-grade speed. The platform aims to create the first truly centralized global liquidity pool by connecting every ecosystem and community that supports its tailor-built smart wallet.

Credits: Tacen

Who is the Team behind Tacen?

Tacan’s founder and CEO, Joe Yang felt the necessity of an evolution in the crypto exchange landscape. In his words,

“Tacen was started because there is a very real need to redefine the cryptocurrency exchange landscape.”

So, he along with:

  • Kirk Hutchison – Smart contracts & Security
  • Arseniy Klempner – Engineering
  • David Jimenez and Lucas Borges – Communications and Outreach

Developed Tacen to bring that change into the present crypto exchange scenario. Since the technology is quite new, there was a need for an advisory committee to affirm the architecture in order to pass the requirements for operation in the US and EU. A three-people group:

  • Shah Hafizi – Chief Compliance Officer at Genesis group
  • Clarence Liu – VP Development at Elastos Foundation
  • Joeri Van Geelen – Business Advisor APAC at Prysm Group

Took the task to examine the architecture.

Tacen Smart wallets – Non-custodial User Owned Wallets.

Tacen’s non-custodial architecture allowed the smart wallets to be deployed on multiple blockchains. These wallets track the different addresses on each chain and transparently handle the multi-chain coordination. This allows them to be deployed on any blockchain that supports the minimal feature set. They are always in control of the users which can be audited at any time.

TXA Token

TXA token allows users to access the exchange as well as the platform’s revenue stream. Its use cases are:

  • SDO Operation – Tacen uses a network of Settlement Data Oracles (SDO) to provide witnessed trade data for settlement process.
  • Ecosystem Governance – Decentralized SDO network is crucial to the infrastructure as when it becomes more mature, the token will play an integral role in governing the system.
  • Transaction Fees – Users and services interacting with Tacen’s network can use TXA to offset transaction fees or payment of services.

Maximum of 50 million tokens will be in supply at a time, with 4.5 million at launch. They’ll be of the ERC-20 platform and will be available in the next month. Minting is not possible after that.


Of the 50 million tokens in circulation, allocation of those is as follows:

  • Founders & Team – 8 million (16.0%)
  • Operations – 7 million (14.0%)
  • Partners & Advisors – 5 million (10.0%)
  • Seed Round – 1.25 million (2.5%)
  • Private & Public Sale – 4.375 million (8.75%)
  • Foundation – 10 million (20.0%)
  • Reserve – 14.375 million (28.75%)

The market cap at launch would be shy of $15 million.

Vesting Schedule

A total of 1.25 million tokens will be available at the seed sale. Each token will have a price of $2 and all the tokens will be in a three year vesting period. Tacen will also conduct a private sale of 3.75 million tokens with the price of each token be $3.50. These tokens will be in a two year vesting period.

625,000 tokens will be available in the public sale. The prices aren’t announced yet.

Launch Date?

Tacen’s crypto exchange will arrive in the third quarter of this year. The team is in progress of integrating top blockchains like Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Alogrand, RSC, Tron, Near and many more. The closed alpha will be available in April this year and partnerships with various venture capitals would commence in the second quarter of this year.


Present-day major crypto exchanges have the centralized architecture which may be faster but poses some serious threats and has its share of troubled past. Also, the current decentralized exchanges aren’t quick enough. Tacen represents itself in a unique proposition as a crypto exchange based on the decentralized architecture having all the advantages of the centralized crypto exchanges without losing on the security aspect. Things look bright for the platform and it could become a major alternative to all the current exchanges out there.

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