SushiSwap revealed its 2021 Roadmap

SushiSwap is a popular Decentralized automated market maker that has released a detailed blog post describing their 2021 roadmap hinting at major developments.

Deriswap, an all-in-one DeFi protocol combining swap, options, and loans on a single platform, will see upgrades this year like Franchised Pools, Double Yield, and Integrated 1-click Zap. Not only that but there are changes to the SushiSwap domain, Governance changes, Miso Launchpad, cross-chain integrations, and the much-awaited Zk-rollups ass the preferred layer 2 scaling solution.

BentoBox will serve as a lending product that’ll also act as a foundation for additional financial products built on top of the liquidity and assets sitting in the product.

Since SushiSwap will now be a part of the Yearn ecosystem, the company is consolidating its domains to better reflect its new organizational structure.

The platform will now aim to become a proper cross-chain AMM by connecting with Rune (Cosmos) and Moonbeam (Polkadot) parachains. SushiSwap is also looking at partnering with ArcherDAO.

DEXs are divided into two groups according to their preference for a layer 2 scaling solution. While Syntheix and Uniswap are committing to Optimism by test-trialling that layer-2 solution, SushiSwap and the rest of the Yearn ecosystem is relying on Zk-rollups instead.

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