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GameFI on the rise: Things you should know

The gaming industry is massive, and by massive, I mean literally massive! As per statistics, the total worth of the global gaming industry is $152 billion!! What’s more surprising is that the number is poised to grow even faster than ever before. Various new technologies have various game applications that can spawn a new generation of titles. However, another aspect is slowly but gradually gaining traction: Game Finance.

A smaller portion of the audience is increasingly getting to know about this concept of earning while playing or as commonly known as Play-To-Earn. Traditional Games limited the developers’ scope of revenue, but Play to Earn provides an incentive to both developers and players without cannibalizing each other. Moreover, these games can offer a wide-suit of new features. There is one platform aiming to capture the complete group of blockchain-based gaming to game launchpads: GameFI.


GameFI, as its team says, is the ‘all-encompassing hub’ for game finance. The platform provides services to blockchain gamers, interested investors, and traders. More than that, the platform also provides a launchpad exclusively for upcoming titles besides offering multiple opportunities such ass Yield Guild, Game Market, etcetera.


The list of features in GameFI is nothing short of. The team has cleverly integrated multiple modules into a single platform to garner audience interest from various segments. Some of these features are:

  • Game Aggregator – Users can access games and all the related assets of any blockcain via a single user dashboard.
  • Yield Guild – Users with financial issues can take help from the provided scholarships or other creative activites to finance their Play to Earn gameplay.
  • Game Market – GameFI has its own multi-chain NFT marketplace which exclusively hold all the blockchain game items.
  • Game Launchpad – Upcoming startups can venture in with the game launchpad, one-of-its-kind, to help kickstart their projects.
  • Minigames – New crypto adopters can play minigames to gain necessary know-how about NFTs and Play to Earn models.
  • Auction House – Gamers can bid, auction their rare and valuable in-game items in Auction House.

Team, Advisors and Investors

A team of 8 individuals has devised and developed the GameFi ecosystem. These individuals are:

  • Hai Duong: Project Lead
    • Former director of Product Development in CyRadar.
    • Has over 7 years of experience in the development and maintainence of large-scale products.
  • Lexia Nguyen: Head of Operations
    • Co-Founder and Executive Director in JunctionXHaNoi, Vietnam’s first Hackathon.
    • Has over 5 years of experience in Corporate Communications at SmartOSC, a premium e-commerce agency.
  • Hieu Ha: Head of Security
    • Renowned penetration test expert/coach
    • Has over 5 years of experience performing penetration testing, security auditing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Linh Do: Head of Quality
    • Previously worked to provide digital experience solutions to Microsoft and eBay.
    • Has over 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance.
  • Hong Dinh: Business Analyst
    • Has multiple years of experience as a business analyst outsourcing and blockchain projects before GameFI ecosystem.
  • Ha Thanh: Designer
  • Hoang Le: Developer
  • Hoa Thanh: Developer

Besides this, the project also has the backing of multiple investors such as:

  • Icetea Labs
  • DAO Maker
  • Animoca Brands
  • Polygon
  • Red Kite

GAFI Token

GAFI is the native utility token of the entire GameFI ecosystem. It encompasses all the necessary functions in the platform and provides additional incentives and advantages:

  • GAFI holders receive discounts on trading and yield fees.
  • A part of the ecosystem fees support the token’s liquidity on the secondary market.
  • GAFI token holders can take part in important decisions for the future aspects of the project.


The total supply of GAFI tokens is 15,000,000. Also, there is a hard cap of $2.25 million with an initial market cap of $375,000. The allocation of the tokens is given below:

AllocationAmount of tokens allocatedToken Release Schedule
Seed Round2%10% at TGE, then linearly from 4th month till 18 months.
Private Round12%15% at TGE, then linearly from 4th month till 17 months
Public Round2%25% at TGE, then 25% at 3rd, 5th, and 7th month.
Team16%10% after half a year, 30% after a year, and 20% after a year and a half.
Advisor/Partner5%10% at 6th month, 30% at 13th and 16th month, 20% at 19th month.
Marketing/Liquid20%16% at TGE, then 12% quarterly from the 2nd month.
Ecosystem/Community24%5% during the first week, 5% quarterly from 2nd month through 1st year.
Treasury19%Cliff period for 3 months, then monthly over 36 months.
GAFI token distribution and release schedule


As of now, GameFI has finalized its partnerships with DAO Maker and Red Kite. Besides this, the team has launched its initial iteration of the platform in the previous quarter. Besides this, the platform had also conducted its first IGO (Initial Game Offering) and deployed its launchpad.

Moving on, the platform will soon launch its marketplace alongside Yield Guild. As already mentioned above, Yield Guild provides token holders to finance play to earn through Scholarships. The team expects to finish this in the 4th quarter of this year.

In the coming future, the platform will see the addition of Minigames and Auction House through which gamers can auction rare and valuable in-game items.

Final Thoughts

GameFI is capturing a relatively popular segment of the gaming industry, which is set to gain huge traction in the future. Not only does it provide something for each and every group in the community, but it also provides interoperability which makes it a much more seamless operation while switching. Besides this, the team has a solid foundation team well entrenched in the affiliated industries.

Also, the team has backings from a number of big and influential companies in the industry adding up to its potential. Overall, GameFI is a strong proposition with various useful features entering a ‘sunshine’ industry.

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