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Project Watch: Genius Yield

The current world of DeFi is too complex, to say the least. Multiple technological advancements make it complicated and a bit too much for general use by the industries. While implementations have covered a lot of ground to ease such complexities, it’s still far from a readily usable state. Even if we keep this aside, another factor that remains a bit of an issue is security.

It’s not uncommon to hear attacks like flash loans and oracle manipulation in the DeFi protocols, especially the centralized ones. Also, while the decentralized version of such protocols has an added layer of security, they are much less rewarding, cumbersome to use, and time-consuming for a general user.

However, one project has identified issues of such sort and is offering solutions to it: Genius Yield.


Genius Yield is the world’s first noncustodial automated market maker and Smart Yield optimizer. It is developed on the Cardano Blockchain. The DEX/AMM of Cardano will apply the features of Uniswap V3 with lower fees as it is based on Cardano.

Compared to other Automated Market Makers (AMMs), Genius Yield provides increased capital efficiency and fine-tuned control for liquidity providers. Moreover, it also provides a more flexible fee structure by applying the principle of Uniswap 3.

Features of Genius Yield

Genius Yield’s DEX protocol offers multiple features, including:

  • Development with Plutus on Cardano blockchain
  • SWAP Cardano Native Token – Cardano Native Token Pools
  • SWAP ADA – Cardano Native Token Pools
  • Concentrated Liquidity
  • Smart Liquidity management
  • Non-Fungible Liquidity
  • Gouvernance & voting
  • Voting & Gouvernance

Moreover, Genius Yield’s Smart Liquidity Management will provide liquidity pools to help the user optimize their rewards. Finally, its web application provides the following functions:

  • Changelly fiat exchange
  • Yield dashboard
  • Aggregator driven multi-protocol
  • Gouvernance & voting interface
  • Proposal creation interface

All this, along with the advanced data analysis techniques, Genius Yield, helps traders make informed decisions without needling into the manual work.

Team & Backers of Genius Yield

The team behind Genius Yield is a group of over 20 people:

  • Laurent Bellandi: Associate Director
    • CEO of Majestic Access Group & Avangarde Group
    • Managing Director of Elity GmbH
  • Dr. Lars Brünjes: CTO
    • Mathematician and Haskell instructor at Input Output (the team behind Cardano blockchain)
    • Previously worked as Lead Software Architect at Tieto Germany.
  • Dr. Sothy: Co-founder
    • Member of the Board of Directors at Coinmat AG.
    • Co-Founder of Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance (SACA)
    • Previously worked as Managing Director at VP Bank AG.
  • German Ramirez: CMO
    • Over 10 years of Marketing Experience.
    • Co-Founder of Relevance House.
    • VP of Marketing at Geeq, a distributed value ecosystem.
  • Michael White: Blockchain Architect
    • Senior Blockchain Engineer at Master Ventures.
    • Previously worked as a Blockchain Developer at Polkadot.
    • Senior Smart Contract Developer at IKONIC Moment.

The team has backing from some of the powerful and influential investors in the industry:

  • LD capital
  • Nodeseeds
  • Cardano syndicate
  • Satoshi Club
  • portico ventures
  • ipor.io
  • Okex
  • Swissborg Fund

$GENS: Native Token of Genius Yield

$GENS token is a Cardano native token. It is a new feature enabling transactions of multi-assets on Cardano. Users can transact with ADA and with an unlimited number of user-defined (custom) tokens natively.

Native tokens offer distinct advantages for developers: no requirement for smart contracts as the ledger takes all token-related functionality. It extends the existing accounting infrastructure defined in the ledger model.

Moreover, it offers the following use-cases:

  • Governance Token: for giving features proposals and votes,
  • Premium features: To unlock some of the premium features, users will have to hold a certain amount of Genius Yield tokens.


The total supply of $GENS tokens is 100,000,000. Moreover, the distribution of tokens is given below:

Name of the operationAmount of TokensVesting
Seed Round10%10% vesting on listing, linear vesting over 24 months for the rest starting from the 3rd month after TGE.
Private Round10%10% vesting on listing, linear vesting over 24 months for the rest starting from the 3rd month after TGE.
Team20%lock-up for 6 months after TGE, then vesting for 36 months.
Marketing Treasury7.5%lock-up for 1 month after TGE, reserved for marketing and partnership, vesting for a 2-year period.
Token Liquidity7.5%lock-up for 1 month after TGE, reserved for Genius Yield Liquidity Pool and other exchanges, vesting for 2 years.
Ecosystem Development Fund15%reserved for development vesting for 2-year.
Liquidity Mining10%reserved for the fund for liquidity mining on Genius Yield vesting for 3-year.
Reward Program19%reserved for the network incentives (bounty).
Token Distribution And Vesting Schedule.


Through holding $GENS in the governance pool, users can gain the power of voting & creating proposals in the protocol. Also, $GENS holders can see proposals and vote.

  • Vote – Users can vote if they have $GENS in a staked wallet or in the governance pool. There is no need to remove the stake to vote. Also, voting power is dependent on the amount of $GENS each voter holds.
  • Creation of Proposals – Users can create a proposal. In fact, each proposal comprises a question posted to the community along with a couple of choices. Also, each proposal has a start date and an end date.


The team had developed the iteration genius project in the previous quarter of this year. As of now, they are working on the seed round and the pre-sale of tokens. Moving on in the future, the team plans to push its marketing campaign, have its first public IDO/IEO, and distribute $GENS tokens in the next quarter. Following that, the team will build the ecosystem of Genius Yield and have its official DEX/AMM launch in the second quarter of 2022. Moreover, the team will also introduce bug bounty programs and a Genius Academy at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Genius Yield has solid fundamentals about its aim and objectives and what it wants to achieve in the DeFi world. By providing a better DEX/AMM, it wants to position itself as the preferred choice for users looking to invest in Decentralized exchanges. Also, using Cardano Blockchain will boost its performance and provide an effectively lower price than the competition. All in All, a solid project with good backing from notable names set to make some disruptions into the AMM segment.

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