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Israel to Apply Anti-Terror Banking Rules to Cryptocurrencies

The Israel Authorities to apply Anti-Terror regulations for Cryptocurrencies. Israel’s Authority for Combating Terrot Financing and Money Laundering will reportedly force new regulations on various digital financial products involved with cryptocurrencies.

Their intention is to handle crypto businesses like how banks do. To reduce the employment of digital assets in criminal and financial activities.

The government unit raised hopes that the legislation will decline the crypto’s use in several criminal activities, ultimately granting more support to the local investors. Similar to this instance, Israel has launched numerous actions throughout the last months to stop the employment of digital currencies in illicit activities.

Israel set Standards for Cryptocurrencies

A recent report by the Jerusalem Post reads that Israel intends to increase the clarity in the digital asset sector. They tend to do this by applying anti-terror banking rules to bitcoin and altcoins.

Previously, the authorities had to spend significant resources to unveil fraud. This was in sectors where companies were not allowed to report all the financial activities. After the new policy is in place, all the crypto-related firms will need to make reports like the central banks does.

Shlomit Wagman is the Director at Israel’s Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority (IMPA). She believes that the initiative should benefit the country’s financial network.

Wagman notes that a third of the nations across the globe have imposed seemingly similar kinds of policies. So why should Israel fall behind?

“The application of the regulations constitute real progress for the Israeli Economy. The Fintech industry and for the improvement financial competition to provide better public services.”

– Salomit Wagman, Director Israel Money Laundering and Anti-Terror Authority

The new rules will also help small cryptocurrency enterprises to provide greater confidence for the security services. As the reporting also promises to be more accessible and modernized.

Additionally, certain transactions over NIS 50,000 will always need a series of reports. In countries that consider high risks for terror financing, even transactions over NIS 5,000 will require reporting.

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