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Nansen launches blockchain-based messaging app

While the Web3 community is looking to have its own suite of applications, there are a number of segments still relying on the Web2 architecture. One of those segments is the Messaging Apps. While Discord caters to some extent to the Web3 community through NFT projects and DAO communities, it is also riddled with frequent scams. However, crypto analytics firm Nansen has a solution for this: Nansen Connect, a Messaging App utilizing blockchain technology.

With this messaging app, users can log in with a crypto wallet and connect to groups based on their crypto holdings. Moreover, Nansen describes the app as a “crypto-native communications hub” for Web3 communities.

Users already know Nansen for its “smart money” leaderboard designed to give users an inside scoop regarding top investors’ holdings. This is a new endeavor for the company for which it’ll lean on its existing data and features.

Product Manager Paul Harwood said:

“Nansen is already a key informational hub for the crypto world, and our core offering—wallet labeling for 120 million Ethereum addresses alone—centers on surfacing the identities and behaviors in the noise of blockchain data.”

According to the company, Nansen Connect will draw from on-chain data. This includes current holdings and transactions. Moreover, this will provide users and communities with useful context.

Harwood believes that Nansen Connect can “help mitigate some of the security flaws we see across the ecosystem.”

This is because the service requires a wallet connection. Moreover, this can provide access to certain groups based on NFTs. Also, “only proven members” gain access to certain of these communities.

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