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Project Watch: MetaOne – Powerful analytics alongside NFT-based gaming

The concept of GameFi has gained quite a bit of traction since the growth of crypto in 2020. While the concept is not new by any means, companies certainly started looking at it as a way to showcase new offerings of the future. But the technology still has some ways to go and only projects with enough caliber and vision could push this technology to the mainstream audience. More than that, the audience should have such an experience with these offerings that they gave a serious look at the ‘Play-to-Earn’ concept. The team behind the MetaOne project is aiming to do so.


MetaOne aims to simplify onboarding and NFT processes via offering gaming data analytics to the gamers community. Besides this, the project provides a high assurance NFT assets management platform to the gaming metaverse.

With the NFT Assets Management, users can lease their NFTs on the MetaOne platform, receiving staking rewards on the go. Moreover, users can define the lease rate and duration for the NFT they’re planning to lease. Also, MetaOne’s Smart Contract Vault Box ensures the safety and security of the staked NFTs.

Game Guilds

MetaOne boasts 150+ game guilds with over 47,000 gamers. The team is aiming to add more than 300 guilds in the near future, aiming to become the largest platform for Game Guilds. Here, users can utilize excellent activation tools and deep and big predictive big data analysis for their games.

Moreover, players can also have a look at the comprehensive NFT game assets management on leasing and staking.

GameFi 2.0: Catalogue for games on the MetaOne Platform

As of now, there are six titles on the MetaOne platform:

  • Age of Tanks – A 3D Turn-based Strategy Game.
  • Angrymals – A PvP Turn-based action game played 1v1 between two players.
  • ZombieWorldZ – An upgraded version based on Zombie Idle Defense – a successful and established game in the market.
  • Seoul Starts – Metaverse’s first-ever virtual K-Pop Idol and Sing-2-Earn Karaoke Game.
  • Solchicks – One of the first NFT-driven play-to-earn crypto fantasy game.
  • Kill Box Aquarius – An action-packed first-person shooter incorporating an NFT weapon system and play-to-win elements.

How can Gamers take advantage of the MetaOne Platform?

Gamers can lease their NFTs on the MetaOne platform, even if they are on a different blockchain from the owner of assets. Likewise, Gamers can browser available NFTs based on the GameFi titles on the platform.

MetaOne makes it possible via their smart contract protocol that allows gamers to start playing in GameFi with a much lower threshold. In fact, they can play in GameFi without owning any NFT game assets.

Team & Advisors of MetaOne

A 9-member team manages and develops the MetaOne project:

  • Marrtin Hoon – Chief Executive Officer
    • He has over 27 years of experience in ICT, cloud, Internet, mobile games, and blockchain.
    • He has led many major companies such as Virgin Group China, British Telecom China, IBM, and Netdragon International.
  • Joe Chia – Chief Platform Officer
    • He is the founding partner of BP capital and an early blockchain evangelist.
    • He has participated in Boka and other projects that lead to many public chains and DeFi projects.
  • Xin Wang – Chief Technology Officer
    • He is a Blockchain as a service (BaaS) developer in Five Star Holding.
    • He has multiple patents and is a renowned writer in the blockchain industry.
  • Cai Lin Zhi – Chief Data Officer
    • He has over 16 years of experience in managing businesses in the healthcare and FMCG commercial environment.
    • He also has an outstanding professional record in L’Oréal and Philips Healthcare.

The team has five advisors that guide and assist them with the operations of their project:

  • Brian Lu – Founding Partner at Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) and a Partner at Headline Asia.
  • ChrisC – He is a crypto Youtuber, community builder, investor, and venture partner at IVC.
  • Roland Ong – He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the video game industry.
  • Charlie Hu – He is the builder of the Polkadot Chinese ecosystem and one of the most renowned names in the crypto industry.
  • Prakash Somosundram – He is a notable Singaporean serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Enjinstarter, a blockchain, and metaverse-focused gaming company.

Roadmap of MetaOne

As of now, the team has not released the whitepaper for the MetaOne project. Due to this, details such as tokenomics and a detailed schedule aren’t available to the public. However, we can expect some essential functions such as staking to come to the platform soon.

Moreover, the team has already stated that they’ll add more than 300 game guilds in the near future. Also, it is highly expected that the team will incorporate more titles in their GameFi 2.0 catalog in the future. It remains to be seen how quickly the team will deploy these features.

Final Thoughts

MetaOne platform has a unique proposition in the world of the Play-to-Earn genre. While some of the functions of the platform aren’t available to the public yet, the project has a good potential for standing out in the market. By offering a guild system to a title as well as having a dedicated marketplace for the trading of in-game items, MetaOne is a project that highly portrays the future of Play to Earn gaming and the incorporation of metaverse into gaming titles.

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