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Project Watch: Engines of Fury – Does it have an X Factor?

It’s no secret that besides payments and the art industry, crypto is having a big presence in the world of gaming. In fact, new and new games are arriving on the market with some sort of crypto or blockchain integration. This has led to a new genre of games known as Play-2-Earn (P2E). However, there are a number of factors that are affecting the growth of such games that are independent of the current market situation for crypto. These factors are:

  • Game studios are forcing the aspect of crypto into each and every game without any innovative ideas.
  • In the rush to become an early player, studios are focusing too much on crypto and not on the overall gameplay aspect of the game.
  • A lot of games in the market are not close to the quality of AAA games.

To solve these problems or even attempt to solve these, a project needs to be brought from the grounds-up keeping these factors in mind. And here’s where Engines of Fury come onto the scene.


The story of Engines of Fury revolves around the aftermath battle between aliens and humans that survived the devastation from asteroid fragments. Humans that survived the attack take help from the extra-terrestrial machinery parts and schematics to develop weapons in order to fight these aliens. However, humans must fight among themselves to gain gold which in turn allows them to wield new elite weapons.

In short, Engines of Fury aims to create an experience that is addicting for the players and engages them in an experience they’ve never had before. Users will not only have a great time playing this game but will also earn via multiple methods:

  • Play to Earn – Players receive $FURY for playing the game and completing achievements.
  • Staking in Duels – Players can stake $FURY in duels against players as well as stake for other players’ fights.
  • Creating & Trading NFTs – NFTs are basically in-game items that improve a character’s strength as well as its abilities. Users can trade these NFTs for $FURY and can even destroy them for getting $FURY tokens.
  • Arena Master – Players can buy Arena NFTs in order to participate in various activities and DAO mechanisms.

The Team behind Engines of Fury

Saulius Aleksa is the founder and CEO of Engines of Fury. He along with CTO Edvinas Mandravickas, CMO Laura Alekse, COO Martynas Seliokas, and 30 other members brought this idea into a reality.

Profile photo of Saulius Aleksa
Founder and CEO – Saulius Aleksa
  • 10 years of business and consulting experience.
  • Ran startup incubators/accelerators in Europe, backed by private inventors and EC DG Growth & DG Connect.
  • Founded a successful web agency Flair Digital 5 years ago.
Profile photo of Edvinas Mandravickas
CTO – Edvinas Mandravickas
  • He has more than a decade of experience developing games & managing numerous successful game development teams.
  • He was also part of Unity Technologies, working on improving the world’s leading game engine platform.
Profile photo of Martynas Seliokas
COO – Martynas Seliokas
  • He has more than 5 Years’ experience in Operational Background, and Key Decision Maker Positions in the Customer Success field.
  • He also has a proven track record of thriving in hyper-growth environments, in major start-ups like Filippo Loreti (Kickstarter affordable watch company), BisonOffice, and Ekomlita (9-digit leading e-commerce brands retailer).

CMO – Laura Alekse

  • She has 7 years of experience in running & executing marketing campaigns for a Fintech Startup (NEO Finance).
  • She has also led several marketing strategies for retail products to a leading bank in Europe – SEB bank (& winning Best Branding Campaign national award), and being the CMO of a 7-digit marketing & web agency Flair Digital.

Native Token of Engines of Fury and Tokenomics

$FURY is the native token and drives the economy of Engines of Fury. It is based on the ERC-20 standard and can bridge to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Besides this, the team is looking on to bridge the token with many other chain solutions such as Polygon and Solana. They expect it to launch multiple bridging solutions after the launch.

Players can use $FURY for multiple use-cases:

  • Participating in 1v1 fights as well as tournaments.
  • Armor/Weapon NFTs purchases from the website and other players.
  • Forging Armor/Weapon NFTs with $FURY to alter the stats of the attachment.
  • Fees for entering Player versus Enemy (PvE) fights against bosses.
  • Purchasing Arenas.
Tokenomics for $FURY Token. Image Source: Whitepaper

The total supply for the $FURY token is 120,000,000. Detailed Tokenomics for the token are mentioned below:

Token UseTokensSupplyValuation in USDTGE and Vesting
Private Round21,600,00018%5,400,000TGE: 10%
M5-24 4.5%
Public Raise1,200,0001%300,000TGE: 20%
M4, 7, 10, 13, 16: 16%
Liquidity/LP Rewards18,000,00015%TGE: 13%
M2-22: 4%, M23: 3%
Marketing/Ecosystem26,400,00022%TGE: 2%
M2-25 4%, M26: 2%
Team12,000,00010%1st-year lock
16.67% every 3rd month after
Partners/Advisors7,200,0006%M4 10%; M13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28: 15%
Development33,600,00028%M6: 20%; M13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34: 10%
Token Allocation for $FURY token.

Roadmap for Engines of Fury

The team behind Engines of Fury had completed the IDO for their game’s native token in first quarter of this year. Besides that, the team also launched their token on CEX and DEX exchanges. Finally, they revealed the Arena, Staking mechanism as well as overall gameplay.

In the second quarter of 2022, the team will initiate presales for Champion NFT and Item NFT. Also, they’ll complete the setup for the wallet and smart contracts.

Further schedule for the game is given below:

  • 3rd Quarter 2022
    • NFT Marketplace Launch.
    • Demo Game Public Launch (PVE-only).
    • Listing on main CEX’es.
  • 4th Quarter 2022
    • Arena land sale.
    • Alpha game launch (PVP & PVE modes).
    • Open World teaser reveal.
  • 2023 and onwards
    • Mobile Game Development.
    • Dungeons and raids bosses teaser reveal.
    • MMORPG Game Development.

Final Thoughts

All in All, Engines of Fury looks like a promising game with strong lore as well as superior gameplay features amidst lacklustre competitors. Besides this, the team looks up and is ready to position its product as the centrepiece in the world of the Play-2-Earn Gaming genre. This’ll not only improve the current offerings and the competitors of the game but will also shape the future of the highly promising game genre in the future.

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