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Saito shake hands with AnySwap

Saito, a blockchain-based decentralizing application, has partnered with AnySwap as a symbiotic relationship. It is an…

Kurup – First-Indian movie to mint NFTs

Kurup becomes the first Indian film to be releasing a series of NFTs as part of…

Sin City unveils development partners

The major success of the Sin City game at the GITEX Global future blockchain summit in…

Senate of Australia Makes Recommendations for Crypto Regulation

With a tremendous surge in crypto and its underlying technology this year, different governments across the…

Playboy unveils new bunny avatars

Playboy has announced that the company would be dropping 11,953 unique bunnies Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) NFTs.…

Pacaso allows crypto payments for home buyers

With Bitcoin breaking all past records, companies have started taking notice again about the premier crypto.…
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