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Project Watch: Sugar Bounce

Sugar Bounce is a single universe for the next generation’s Adult entertainment needs, fully decentralized and on the chain. It is a complete ecosystem with all forms of adult entertainment under one roof.

Globally, adult entertainment is a $100+ billion revenue generator.

Viewership of adult content has always been high and multiplied over the past few decades. Moreover, consumption of adult content – by women especially – has risen exponentially: The percentage of women watching adult content in the 1990s was less than 1% and is now well over 26%.

However, it is also imperative to address that the industry’s current state is riddled with problems. Problems like Capital Theft from Artists, Exploitation By Middlemen, Censorship, Lack Of Anonymity, and Industry Monopolization By a Few Key Players

Sugar Bounce is here to revolutionize the way adult content is created and consumed all over the world.

Their goal is to empower content creators with the tools to develop and distribute their content to the masses using the Sugar Ecosystem. Powered by the blockchain, the Sugar Ecosystem will disrupt how content is consumed around the globe, empowering a new economy interconnected with their native token $TIP.

Vision And Solution of Sugar Bounce

Sugar Bounce is a game-changing ecosystem, ready to present a consummate universe for all NSFW entertainment needs to the next generation of viewers. In addition, they aim to be the leaders in decentralized adult content on the blockchain.

Sugar Bounce will tap into this massively underexplored opportunity by bridging the gap between lucrative adult entertainment and one of the greatest advancements in information technology. They plan to lead the field in this emerging market by demonstrating how crypto and the blockchain can safely and effectively work in a highly profitable NSFW context.

The platform will target and solve all the previously identified problems plaguing the industry, especially hefty commissions for content creators and anonymity for creators and viewers. Their payout to content creators is 90%, much more than any other platform out there, and will fuel the growth from the adoption of the token $TIP. In addition, advertisement revenues from the websites will go directly to content creators, streamers, and node hosts.

The creators will be able to own their content as NFTs, going as far as to allow them to earn passive income through their art long after they retire from the industry. Moreover, the verifiable uniqueness of NFTs will impact both analogue and digital realms the world over.

The payment processor will be completely anonymous, giving the creators and viewers peace of mind regardless of which part of the world they belong to.

Project Features

The SugarBounce ecosystem will comprise six products that combine as a one-stop-shop for all forms of adult entertainment.

  • Sugar Streams: Access the exclusive live NSFW entertainment you like, from cams with your favorite model to virtual strip clubs anywhere, anytime. Forget censorship and national boundaries: Powered by a completely decentralized video streaming network, watch the content of your choice from anywhere in the world anonymously with no regional restrictions. Streaming nodes hosting content can earn $TIP similar to how miners earn Bitcoin.
  • Sugar Pals: A Subscription-based content distribution and video blogging services bring the best moments of your stars to you. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans monthly as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.
  • Sugar Markets: Adding a whole new dimension to NFTs / A new way to bring utility in NFTs / Revolutionary marketplace to launch and trade utility-based NFTs.
    A whole new exchange for content creators and collectors to launch and trade NFTs backed by access to niche content. The specialized NFT framework built on top of ERC-721 will allow creators to mint NFTs which gives the holders access to exclusive content for a time-bound period. Collectors can trade/borrow/lend these NFTs to derive more value over time.
  • Sugar Starter: Funding platform for content creators where users can also invest in the creation of new videos and earn through sale of NFTs and distribution of Sugar Reels. Users can stake capital in these pools and fund the next Fifty Shades of Grey, earn monetization revenue for a lifetime as a co-owner of the NFT backing the content.
  • Sugar Pay: Pay for the content you like, anonymously. Their own anonymous payment processin engine, SugarPay powered by $TIP, is a layer-2 solution for adult content platforms to receive payments anonymously in fiat currency or crypto.
  • Sugar Reels: Content creation and sharing platform for Content Creators including options like short stories to keep the content creators connected with their audience. The first ever 21st Century Adult Content Repository for the Stars. Viewers on SugarReels will have the option to either pay, subscribe and watch content ad-free or watch free content with ads.


Sugar bounce aims to build a solution for decentralized censorship-free content distribution that uses a crypto-economic protocol and incentives to create video storage and a broadcasting network that is scalable, secure, and more cost-effective than centralized alternatives.

  • Q3 2021
    Whitepaper and Project Launch
    Private Development of Sugar Streams
  • Q4 2021
    IDO/IEO and CEX listing
    DAPP Go live – Sugar Streams Beta version
    Onboard first 100 performers
    Development of Sugar Pals and Sugar Reels
  • Q1 2022
    Go, Live Sugar Pals,
    Onboard 1000+ performers on Sugar Streams
    Onboard 500+ creators for sugar pals
    Go love Sugar Reels
    Development of Sugar Starter and Sugar Markets
  • Q2 2022
    Launch of Sugar Starter and Sugar Markets
    Development of Sugar Pay

Token Use Case

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, The Sugar Bounce token model is based purely on the platform’s actual performance, which would allow the token supply to be created based on specific KPIs that get fulfilled within the project’s development cycle. They are linking the growth of the token supply directly with the growth of the platform and token adoption through its usage. The token has a mint-and-burn functionality, which is triggered monthly.

Private Sale – 5,083,333
Crowd Sale – 500,000
Total Initial Supply – 6,083,333

$TIP is at the heart of the SugarBounce Ecosystem. The token is designed to be an integral function within each of the Sugar verticals. It coheres them all into a self-powered economy within which each stakeholder uses the $TIP for seamless transactions across the platform, whatever their role might be.

  • 50,000 tokens emitted on onboarding of every model
  • DAO approves every token emission
  • Live Dashboard for onboarded performers for community

Token Burn: 25% of quarterly net profits
Token Emission CAP/Yr: 49.75 Million
No of years for Token Emission: 4 years

Creators and Team

The development team is anonymous as most of them are based out of India. This industry can cause problems for them locally and hence want to remain anonymous.

  • Navin Ray – CEO: Senior Media professional with over 15+ years of experience in radio, media, and talent management. Full Stack developer Tech background, Extensive experience in frontend and backend development. Navin has worked with one of the largest adult entertainment organizations in the Asian markets. He brings a wealth of experience within the A/V & AdTech industry to the team.
  • Aditya Singh – Full Stack Developer: Dedicated and efficient full stack developer with experience in application development layers, presentation layers, and databases. He will further improve RUST, NODE, JS application development as the full stack developer at SugarBounce.
  • Samuel Das – Senior Blockchain Developer: Tech Innovator, Proficient in Web3 Integration. Samuel trained and ran advanced level courses on Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum as a senior blockchain trainer to fulfil his passion of spreading knowledge of decentralized technologies.
  • Avinash Patel – Senior Streaming Engineer: After earning his Master’s degree, Vadim has worked extensively as a streaming engineer. He has maintained asset management systems (video, audio, subtitles, etc.), developed automated media workflow for videos via AWS/Lambdas to tag with metadata, transcode, deliver to CDNs, and ensured high-quality video streaming experiences both live and on demand.
  • Vadim – Front End Developer: Senior Developer since the inception of the company, Master of CSS, React JS, Node JS, Mongo db, and Express JS and is more than well-equipped to head front-end development here at SugarBounce.
  • Sabrina Night – Head of Talent: Sabrina Night (aka Sabien Demonia) is an award winning content creator, fetish model, adult star, and entrepreneur. She has won several accolades & awards such as Best Clip Artist of the year, Best Overall Model, Best Porn-Cam Model and Fetish Model of the Year along with numerous nominations from XBIZ Europa, XBIZ Cam,AVN, AltPorn, YNOT Awards, Bucharest Summit and Inked Awards.

Investors and IDO Partners

Investors include Poolz Ventures, Black Dragon, Exnetwork Capital, CSP DAO, SMO Capital, Stakez Capital, Halvings Capital, Nine2Five Ventures, Chateau Crypto, Ferrum and many more, which can only be disclosed after fundraise is completed.

IDO partners: TrustPad, Ignition Paid, NFT pad and YellowRoad.
IDO on 19th November.

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