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Project Watch: Battle of Guardians- Cocktail of Gaming and NFT

Blockchain Gaming is a hot topic in the industry right now. Back in 2017, CryptoKitties turned a lot of heads by introducing blockchain technology to the gaming industry. It was developed by Axion Zen, the game introduced unhackable assets. Your goal in the game is to breed, purchase, and sell virtual cats. The game operated on the Ethereum blockchain, which was evidently slowed down due to the hype of the game. The Non-Fungible Tokens of those kitties were listed on several NFT Marketplace BlocktoBay and a “kitty’ was even sold for $100,000.

The transactions in blockchain gaming are more akin to charging an entrance fee to fellow players to receive admittance to your personally built environment. Just like the platform, Battle of Guardians is also decentralized. We meet different types of characters with different abilities and goals.

The Core of Battle of Guardians

The Battle Of Guardians (BOG) combines the simplicity of classic one-on-one fighting games with advanced NFT earning potential. BOG creators developed a unique and constantly evolving user experience.

Fueled by intense and exciting graphics, the fantasy world entails unique NFTs, and numerous opportunities to generate real-life revenue.

The Guardians or Gods hold the fate of mankind in their hands, the same guardians who once walked Earth alongside man. But times have changed, a portal to hell has opened, and Demons threaten to wipe out the world as we know it.

The epic battle aiming to end the war has begun, and nothing short of the fate of humanity is at stake. However, only one-on-one combats can decide who will be the predator and who’ll be the prey. Further, players engage in constant battles in the game, eliminating competitors and earning rewards within a fierce multi-realm, sci-fi game world.

The Vision

BOG eyes to build a gaming economy and community that is both stable and has long-term potential in an ever-evolving environment. The developers believe that this project can lead the NFT Fighting Games Industry into a prosperous future. The goal is that developers, players, and investors all contribute to the ongoing creation of an ever-expanding Fighting Game Metaverse.

Meet the Characters

  • Guardians – Protector of the Earth : The Mighty Hybrid with massive damage dealing abilities.
  • Humans – Warrior of Hope : The Wise Human to expose the enemy’s weaknesses to win the war for the human race.
  • Demons – Embodiment of Doom : Strongly build Half dragon hald Human. Eyes set on Carnage.

Different Tiers

Each type of character will also have various tiers:

  1. Elite Fighter: Lowest power, low rewards
  2. Legendary Warrior: Certain Special Skills, Medium Rewards
  3. God of War: Ultra Special Skills, High Rewards

Each character and class host-specific advantages and traits, creating a dynamic playing field for balanced competition.

Players have the choice to participate in one of three game modes:

  • Story & Training. It’s a PvE Mode that allows increasing Level of Player and learn basic & complex techniques
  • Battle Arena. It’s a PvP Mode that allows compete and with other players and earn rewards
  • Bout. It’s a Tournament Mode with a knock-out system. The winner takes all the rewards.

BOG has two in-game currencies:

  • $BGS (Battle of Guardians Share)
  • $FP (Fighting Point)

Unique Features of The Battle Of Guardians

  • Rewarding gameplay
  • NFT Renting
  • The Team

    • Alexander Lim – Co-Founder : Graduated from the Computer Science Undergraduate course in Bina Nusantara University with an emphasis on computer forensics and security. Alex worked as a full-time content creator before coming up for BOG.
    • Anargya Simson – Co-Founder : Graduate of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. With BOG, he’s still a full-time Project Management Officer at a startup named Waresix.
    • Orlando Nandito Nehemia – Co-Founder : Entrepreneurial background. Founded various small startups in Indonesia in the gaming/entertainment industry. Founder of Miracle Gates Entertainment, developed over 50+ games.

    Investors and Backers

    The venture investors include X21 Digital, Pluto Digital, Synapse Network, Chain Capital, ExNetwork, OIG, ZBS Capital,Bullperks,NGC Ventures.

    Moreover, the Founders are still in talks with Titans Venture, OKEx, LD Capital, Bigcoin Vietnam, Kernel, Kyros, Seedify, Krypital, Cointelligence, GameStation.

    Early-stage project development started only in October 2021. And IDO on November 2nd.

    Why Invest in the Battle Of Guardians?

    Global NFT Gaming Market Valuation projects a growth rate from $20 billion to $175 billion,

    With the market valuation of fighting games sitting at $14 billion. Battle of Guardians is the first NFT play-to-earn fighting game, paving the way for the emergence of a new landscape of earning potential for the Fight Game Metaverse.

    Furthermore, BOG’s commitment to the evolution and stability of the industry shows the power behind its vision for the future. Become a part of the community on the ground floor of this exciting new development within the blockchain multiplayer fighting game kingdom.

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